Davyl - Clothing Line


When Sexy meets Elegant

Hi there,
I am proud to present the Davyl collection. The watchwords of this collection are Sexy, Classy & Sensual.

The dictionary describes a woman like this:


Adult human being of the female sex

I don’t completely agree with this definition. For me, a woman represents much more than this! Throughout the Davyl collection, you will discover a series of adjectives, which convey much better my idea of the woman.

The collection currently includes a line of sexy lingerie and a line of swimsuits/bikinis. My long-term objective is to expand the collection further. I would like to add three more product ranges:

  • A collection of high-heeled shoes;
  • A 'Daytime' collection: jeans, belts, tops, t-shirts, shorts, hats, ...;
  • A 'Nightlife' collection: dresses, skirts, tops, shorts, ...


A test run

Having started this project with a blank sheet, this first year will be a bit of a test-run for me. I set out to position Davyl on the market for sexy evening lingerie, whilst at the same time maintaining a very elegant brand image! Tastes are very varied so you will find different styles in the collection. I hope that you will find some to suit you.

For the moment, the majority of the lingerie comes in one size only (stretch, adjustable straps, etc.) But don’t worry, a wider range of sizes will be available soon after the test-run. You will find a more detailed description below each outfit.

I created Davyl - but I am neither a stylist, nor a photographer nor a make-up artist. I am simply a man who had the dream of creating Davyl and who is doing his best to bring this dream to life. My aim is to develop the brand in line with your desires. And so, in order for Davyl to develop, I need you! I am at your entire disposal to create and deliver the products you are looking for. I want the Davyl collection to reflect your wishes and desires and hope that you will find here the brand of lingerie that finally meets your expectations perfectly!

Whilst hoping that this also makes your partner happy.

I thank you warmly in advance!

Happy shopping,